POF Shrink Roll

We are very well known organization which offers wide range POF Shrink Films

Shrink films are water proof and are mainly used for the Primary packaging purposes.

Feature & Benefits:

  • Provide superior transparency and glassy finished product appearance.
  • Help to provide moisture absorption for your product.
  • Provides excellent stiffness and stability to your Product.
  • This can be use in Manually and High speed automatic shrink machines

Microns     12Mic          15Mic            19Mic              25Mic            50Mic   

Sizes     8IN - 30IN     8IN - 30IN     8IN - 30IN     8IN - 30IN     8IN - 30IN



BSL series semiautomatic L-seal cutting machine can convey the products automatically into shrink tunnel through conveying belt for shrink packaging after sealing & cutting. Equipped with shrink tunnel to reach higher working capacity.


1. There is protection mechanism for sealing knife against overheating and cutting.

2. Adopt nano-fiber cutter holder and antisticking thermostable nichrome cutter for sealing & cutting to ensure good sealing without cracking or coking.

3. After sealing action, packing product goes in the shrink tunnel automatically by the conveyor belt.

4. The height of conveyor belt can be adjusted with handwheel.

5. Sealing & cutting time is controlled by time relay accurately.

6. Double electromagnets are used to produce more pressure for sealing, which will make sealing much firmer.

7. Sliding film support can keep all kinds of shrink films, up to 550mm in width.

8. Upper sealing & cutting frame is controlled by return cylinder.

9. BSL-5045L adopt pneumatic device.



BS-A series shrink tunnel adopts hot-wind & down-cyclone structure, intelligence temperature control and AC variable speed regulation. There are two optional conveyors.

1. Both the height of tunnel and shutters on two sides are adjustable. 
2. Shrink wrapping machine BS-4535LA are designed with lengthened double hot wind tunnel for higher and better shrinking effect.